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annsr_sk.mid Ann's Rag (Dave Walker, 1986)

bacon_sk.mid Bacon Grease (Christopher Seppe, 1987)

calic_sk.mid Calico Rag (Nat Johnson, 1914)

canon_sk.mid Cannonball Rag (Joseph Northrup, 1905)

cumba_sk.mid Cum Bac (Charles Johnson, 1911)

helio_sk.mid Heliotrope Bouquet (Scott Joplin, 1907)

kissi_sk.mid Kissing Bug (Charles Johnson, 1909)

lites_sk.mid Light & Sweet (Christopher Seppe, 1987)

prali_sk.mid Pralines & Cream (Christopher Seppe, 1988)

quali_sk.mid Quality (James Scott, 1911)

roper_sk.mid Rope Rag (Dave Walker, 1988)

sugar_sk.mid Sugar Cane (Scott Joplin, 1908)

sweet_sk.mid Sweetness (Charles Johnson, 1912)

powdr_sk.mid Powder Rag (Charles L. Johnson [R. Birch], 1908)

eblake01.mid Eubie Blake playing "Wang Wang Blues"

eblake02.mid Eubie Blake playing

eblake03.mid Eubie Blake playing "It's Right Here for You"

eblake04.mid Eubie Blake playing "Goodnight Angeline"

eblake05.mid Eubie Blake playing "Fare Thee Honey Blues"

ragtime2.zip Replace all the music in Doom2 with ragtime (size: 400K)

wanhc_sk.mid Johann Wanhal classic (circa 1770); see also Wanhal Stomp

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