by Sue Keller

Silhouettes for the Piano

Recorded at HVR Studios, Brooklyn, NY, November 1993

Click on any song title to hear the midi piano track. The quality of the midi sound you hear is determined by capabilities of your own system.

Notice the mpeg2 button on one of the selections. It delivers an Mpeg Audio Sample clip. It's pretty big compared to midi but sounds great! Click here to download the Xing shareware to play it.

  1. Nola (Felix Arndt, 1915)
  2. That's A Plenty (Lew Pollack, 1914) mpeg2 sample (size: 529K)
  3. The Cascades (Scott Joplin, 1904)
  4. Agitation Rag (Robert Hampton, 1915)
  5. The Furry Lisa (George Schneider, 1972)
  6. Coaxing the Piano (Zez Confrey, 1922)
  7. Ain't Misbehavin' (Razaf, Waller, Brooks, 1929)
  8. Hyperragmania (Jonathan Jensen, 1973)
  9. Crazy Bone Rag (Charles Johnson, 1913)
  10. Dizzy Fingers (Zez Confrey, 1923)
  11. Hard-Hearted Hannah (Yellen, Ager, et al., 1924)
  12. Spring Dreams (Jonathan Jensen, 1975)
  13. Modernistic (James P. Johnson, 1929)
  14. Colonial Rag (Ball & Lenzberg, 1914)
  15. Possum Rag (Geraldine Dobyns, 1906)
  16. Someone to Watch Over Me (Gershwin, 1927)
  17. Hot Rolls (Christopher Seppe, 1988)

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